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No Patents On Seeds

Stop patents on plants and animals!

The organisations behind No Patents On Seeds are especially concerned about increasing number of patents on plants, seeds and farm animals and their impact on farmers, breeders, innovation and biodiversity. These patents create new dependencies for farmers, breeders, food producers and consumers. These patents have to be regarded as misappropriation of basic resources in farm and food production and as general abuse of patent law. We call for an urgent re-think of European patent law in biotechnology and plant breeding and to support clear regulations that exclude from patentability processes for breeding, genetic material, plants and animals and food derived thereof.

No intention of granting a patent on salmon ...

3 August 2016

The European Patent Office (EPO) has responded to criticism of its intention to grant a patent on salmon. According to the documents at EFSA´s website, the patent application EP1965658 now has to be re-examined. The patent claims salmon and the fish oil derived thereof as an invention. In May 2016, the EPO informed the Australian applicant that the patent was ready to be granted. On 20 July 2016, the organisations belonging to the international coalition No Patents on Seeds!, informed the general public about the patent. An appeal was launched to send letters to the EPO urging them not to grant the patent. In response, on 29 July, the applicant was informed that the patent needed to be re-examined.

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Animals are not an invention of the feed industry!

20 July 2016
The European Patent Office (EPO) wants to grant a patent on salmon that are fed with specific plants (EP1965658). The EPO has informed the Australian applicant that the patent is ready to be granted within the next few months. The patent claims the salmon and the fish oil. Food derived from these salmon is supposed to have a higher content of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are often described as being healthy. The idea behind the patent is not new: For example, it is known that cows grazing on grasslands have a higher concentration of these fatty acids in their milk.

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More than 800.000 signatures against patents on plants and animals

Munich, Germany, 29 June 2016

Today, more than 800.000 signatures will be handed over to the President of the Administrative Council of the European Patent Office (EPO), Mr. Jesper Kongstad, and to the chair of the Committee on Patent Law of the EPO, Mr. Sean Dennehey. The signatures were collected in European countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Portugal and France. The petition was organised by a broad range of civil society organisations including Campact (Germany), Arche Noah (Austria), Berne Declaration (Switzerland), Bionext (The Netherlands), WeMove (EU wide) and several organisations that are members of the international coalition of No Patents on Seeds!.

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